2023/2024 Shining Star 

There were 418 nominations!! 

Because of generous donations and sponsor Developmental Pathways,

 baskets were delivered to:

Becky Archunde, Ben Franklin Academy

Breanna Arnold, Castle Rock Elementary

Sharon Haworth, Castle Rock Middle School

Chuck Kramer, Castle Rock Middle School

Kimberly Hiebert, Castle Rock Middle School

Jennifer Dore, Cimarron Middle School

Abbey Butcher, EDCSD/Vale

Marcie Salter, Mammoth Heights Elementary

Kris Hennig, Mesa Middle School

Shawnette Maidens, Plum Creek Academy

Kristin Acker, Rock Canyon High School

Julie Pedersen, Rock Canyon High School

Melissa Campbell, Sand Creek Elementary

Elizabeth (Liz) Smith, Sand Creek Elementary

Harold Anderson, Sedalia Elementary

Video of  2023/2024 basket delivery 

What Are Shining Stars?

Shining Stars are DCSD staff member/s and schools nominated for outstanding service by the parents and/or caregivers of students receiving special education services.

How Are Shining Stars Recognized?

 ($100 in value sponsored by Developmental Pathways).

There is no limit to the number of staff members that you can nominate.  Certificates and baskets will be delivered to staff members with your special words.  

Donations Accepted:

If you are interested in supporting our Shining Star gift baskets, you can donate directly to our fundraising account through CheddarUp.

DCSEAC is a non-profit with 501c status. All donations are tax deductible. 

About Us

Douglas County School District Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) serves as an advisory committee to Douglas County School District’s (DCSD) Special Education Leadership Team; and is committed to a positive, professional, collaborative, and solution-seeking relationship with our school district partners. 


DCSEAC’s goal is to support the students of our district who receive special education services, as well as their families and caregivers. 


DCSEAC Board Members, leave their personal agendas at the door, and seek to advise in an unbiased manner that best supports the vastly-diverse abilities of all DCSD students receiving Special Education services. We are committed to preserving respectful discourse at all times and to ensure discretion around confidential topics.


What We Do

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Did you know: Special Education Edition

If you are new to special education or have years of experience, there is always more to learn.  We have created a series of reels on our facebook page and instagram to educate parents about a variety of topics. 

Effective Flow of Communication

If you have a concern about your student and need to contact the district, use this link to see the effective flow of communication, to guide you to the district special education coordinator for your school.