What Are Shining Stars?

Shining Stars are DCSD staff member/s and schools nominated for outstanding service by the parents and/or caregivers of students receiving special education services.

How Are Shining Stars Recognized?

There is no limit to the number of staff members that you can nominate.  Certificates and baskets will be delivered to staff members with your special words.  

Donations Accepted:

If anyone would like to donate a gift card to one of our Shining Star gift card basket winners, please email info@dcseac.org 

2022/23 Shining Star 

There were 374 individual nominations

 and 52 school site nominations!! 

Because of generous donations, 22 baskets were delivered to these 2022/23 Shining Stars:

Katie Mitchell, Cresthill Middle School

Dustin Pfeiffer, Chaparral High School

Katie Kitselman, Ponderosa High School

Sunny Herron, Franktown Elementary

Suzette Remy, Sagewood Middle School

 Scott Karcz, Rock Canyon High School

Jennifer Morris, Mammoth Heights Elementary

Valerie Armstrong, Redstone Elementary

Jenny Perricon, Skyview Academy

Kylee Duren , Stone Mountain Elementary

David Yetter, Skyview Academy

 Diane Green, Highlands Ranch Transportation

Kerry Pirk, Trailblazer Elementary

Anne Dawson, Trailblazer Elementary

 Kim English, Northeast Elementary

Tess Simpson, Renaissance Secondary

Rebecca Jones, Cherokee Trail Elementary

 Breanna Arnold, Castle Rock Elementary

 Cassandra Bartlett, Flagstone Elementary

Noelle Dennis, Pine Grove Elementary

Diana Ely, Saddle Ranch Elementary

Sarah Zabor, Rock Canyon High School