What Are Shining Stars?

Shining Stars are DCSD staff member/s and schools nominated for outstanding service by the parents and/or caregivers of students receiving special education services.

How Are Shining Stars Recognized?

  • All nominees will receive a notification of their nomination/s, a Shining Star certificate, and recognition via district communications, school communications (where possible), and on the DCSEAC website.

  • Staff: Staff nominations will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 10 gift prizes (sponsored by Developmental Pathways).

  • Schools: One elementary, one middle, one high school, and one charter school will be selected to win prizes valued at $250 towards a special education curriculum (sponsored by Developmental Pathways).

Donations Accepted:

If anyone would like to donate a gift card to one of our Shining Star gift card basket winners, please contact Kerri Tompkins at kerrbears@gmail.com

2021/2022 Shining Star Basket Winners

Shelley Sticka, Learning Specialist, Roxborough Primary

Anthony Speights, Moderate Needs Teacher, Chaparral High School

Mady Walker, EA, Mountain Ridge Middle School

Magdalene Gunning, Moderate Needs Teacher, Prairie Crossing Elementary

Jill Purdy, OT, Timber Trail Elementary

Sarah Kremer, SSN teacher, Franktown Elementary

Amanda Dixon, Moderate Needs Teacher, Douglas County High School

Abbey Secord, Early Childhood Instructor, Copper Mesa Preschool

Kristin Karnicki, Moderate Needs Teacher, Rock Canyon High School

Tom Smith, Learning Guide, Renaissance Secondary

Nicole Farnett, EA, South Ridge Elementary

Christina Courtney, Moderate Needs Teacher, Redstone Elementary

Mackenzie Campbell, LSS Teacher, STEM School Highlands Ranch

Melissa Kohn, Early Childhood Special Educator, Roxborough Primary

Mosammat “Lipi” Khan, EA, Mammoth Heights Elementary