Suggestion Drop Box

The Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) is hosting a Suggestion Drop Box for the families of DCSD students who receive Special Education services. It is a perfect place to share your ideas and resources.

How to use:

Fill out the Suggestion Drop Box Google Form. To submit your suggestion, each question must be answered.

DCSEAC will compile all suggestions and ideas into a monthly list, which will be reviewed by DCSEAC board members and Special Education leadership. Suggestions will be shared with Special Education teachers through an internal monthly newsletter. A master list of all suggestions will be maintained for continued review and as a resource for teachers.

Should your suggestion require follow-up information, a board member of DCSEAC will contact you.

Please note: The Suggestion Drop Box is not maintained by DCSD district staff. If you have a question or concern about your student, school, or Special Education services – the Suggestion Drop Box is not the resource you need.

To access the help for specific concerns, please follow the link to review the Effective Flow of Communication document. This is a fantastic resource that maps the different levels of leadership, as well as the names and feeder areas for each Special Education coordinator.

An additional resource opportunity is the SpEd Talks, hosted once a month by Special Education Directors. The SpEd Talks are a monthly opportunity to personally connect with the SpEd Directors of our district and ask questions. Check the district site for specific dates and locations. DCSD Special Education Page