DCSEAC Parent Board Membership

2-9-18 - Thank you to all who have applied for the DCSEAC Parent Board.  We are overwhelmed with the applications.  We currently are not accepting any further applications at this time. 

Information for DCSEAC Parent
Board Members Applicants

Our Mission
The Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) works collaboratively with the Department of Personalized Learning, families and other stakeholders to influence and support programming that meets the unique needs of all learners.

Our Goals
  • Collaborate with the school district on matters relating to continuous improvement efforts as they pertain to special education.
  • Promote family involvement in decision making by seeking advice on district practices and policies relating to special education.
  • To act as an advisory board on behalf of students receiving special education services.
  • Create resources for families with children in special education.
  • Plan and offer a variety of informational speakers/workshops/programming to help families with children in special education gain understanding and find support.

Expectations for DCSEAC Parent Board Members

  • Two-year commitment
  • RSVP and attend monthly board meetings.
    • Every other month parent-only board meetings - currently held on Fridays at 12-1:30pm at the Lone Tree Library - Event Hall Meeting Room (unless noted otherwise) for the remainder of 2017-2018 school year and first half of 2018-2019 school year.  
      • 12/1/17, 2/2/18, 4/6/18, 8/24/18, 10/19/18, 12/7/18 (Lone Tree Library - Studio meeting room)
    • Every other month parent/district - currently held on the 1st Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm at Lone Tree Elementary School.
      • 1/10/18, 3/7/18, 5/9/18, 9/5/18, 11/7/18
  • Have access to google docs for active communication within the board and participation during board meetings, if unable to attend in person
  • If you are not able to attend a board meeting in person, you have the option to attend live through the google doc while the meeting minutes are being typed.  It is requested that you attend through the google doc the entire meeting and be an active participant through the google doc.
  • If a parent board member is absent (either physically or through google docs) for 3 consecutive monthly board meetings, they are asked to resign.
  • It is expected of parent board members to be active, this is defined as:
    • Consistent, prompt communication between board members (less than 48 hours).
    • In addition to attending the monthly board meetings, parent board members will individually contribute as evidenced by accepting responsibility for a task needed i.e. organizing workshops, creating quarterly newsletter, maintaining DCSEAC website, marketing, leading a parent support group, organizing and attending parent resource meetings sponsored by DCSEAC, etc.  Tasks equally shared.

Meeting expectations (shared at all monthly board meetings):

“DCSEAC is an advisory committee who believes in a positive, collaborative and troubleshooting relationship with the district to best support all families with children receiving special education programming. Advisory board members should leave personal agendas at the door and advise in a manner that best supports all children with different abilities. In doing so we appreciate respectful discourse, the use of Person First language and discretion around confidential topics.”

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